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Marijuana edibles have been around for years, but today they are one hot commodity in the medical marijuana industry! The “old school” pot brownies are still around and many people try their hand at making home cooked goodies in trial and error, but… WOW, many providers have taken on marijuana edibles as a passion and we are seeing some amazing creations. Long time smokers are passing up buds to enjoy a cookie, muffin, honey, candy, popcorn, nuts, drinks, olive oil, soup, and so much more. The list is endless. It is fair to say that the revamped medical marijuana edibles have opened a new realm for people needing medication but not wanting to have to smoke to receive the benefits of the medicine. Edibles are also a discreet way of medicating that can be enjoyed where smoking is not possible.

 It is important for anyone new to medical marijuana to know that eating and smoking marijuana affects individuals differently.  When marijuana is inhaled, the active components are absorbed directly into the bloodstream in the lungs and the effect is almost instant. This is not the case when marijuana is digested. It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour for the full effects to be felt, and the final result is often stronger and lasts longer. Many patients are discovering that eating cannabis provides a more gradual psychoactive effect and a more powerful body feel, which treats their medical condition better than inhaling smoke or vapor.  Depending on the dosage of the edible, and the edible tolerance and metabolism of the patient, the range of medicinal effects can be all over the spectrum. The best way to find your favorite edible is with some experimentation and recommendations.  The best edible is always the one that simultaneously provides the most medicinal relief and is enjoyable!  For those concerned with taking too much…Over-medication on edibles is something best never experienced but if it does happen; remember, you are going to be fine, cannabis is one of the safest and least toxic medicines available.  Just remember it takes a while to feel the effects, so try not to over eat.

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