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TrichromeCloseupLACONSee why we are one of the highest rated member collective in the Central Coast! We focus on high quality top shelf medicine. We have the largest selection of CO2 products on the central coast & the highest tested flowers on the central coast! Record Holder:King Tahoe OG Total Cannabinoids: 32.6!!!!Order Online Today at Canna-Best.com.**Tax will be applied to all transactions**

We are a non-profit mutual benefit collective providing the highest quality organically grown cannabis and safe access service to our members at the lowest reimbursement rates possible.  We are compliant with all applicable California State Health and Safety Code Sections.  Membership is open to all qualified medical cannabis patients along the Central Coast. Our attention to safe access service and quality organically grown cannabis is what separates our collective from all others. We deliver to all qualified patients within San Luis Obispo County. Our mission is to provide safe access to a consistent product line that our members can rely upon. Open 5 days a week, with morning and evening appointments, our members will have the convenience and ability to always have access to their needed medicine. Our weedmaps account and website is always up-to-date on all inventory leaving you with peace-of-mind knowing what you see on our menu will always be available. Our member growers are Master Cultivators  and have the knowledge, skill and experience to consistently produce the highest quality product for your needs.  They are wicked good and have developed some of the highest quality strains in the state.  No pesticides and no bugs will be found in our cannabis.  We grow the best so you don’t have to.  Thank you for you support of Canna Best! We strive to serve as your competent and reliable collective. Our friendly and attentive staff is looking forward to serving you!**Tax will be applied to all transactions**

Patient Privacy

CannaBest values your patient privacy and the security of such documents. This means that all patent information is stored and transferred in a secure manor using the latestCannaBest-Logo_135px AES 256 Bit encryption security. We DO NOT give out any patent information to anyone no matter what the reason. If you have concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call.

Membership Agreement

Please download the PDF, fill it out, then send it back to us! Or you can wait till our driver shows up to fill one out then!

Click to Download: CB Membership Agreement II

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